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"Won't Stop Loving You" Video Credits


Director Tanit Sakakini

Director of Photography Jeff Rich

Editor Jake Hamilton

Wardrobe Amanda Sonnenfeld

Hair Jennifer Tawa

Makeup Dianne Mammola

First Assistant Christal Fitzgerald

1956 Ford Crown Victoria Randy Grosser (owner)

Staging and barn The Navaroli Family


Wife Shea Whitehead

Husband Zak Leete

Older Husband Fran Lathrop

Older Wife Betty Billup

Baby boy Leon Whitehead

Young Girl Amanda Gardiner

Young Boy Nicco Colecci

Teen Girl Lillian Navaroli

Teen Boy Adam LaFleur

Best Not Broken:

Vocals & Rhythm Guitar Eric Jackson

Lead Guitar & Vocals Nik Farr

Drums Carlo Carluccio

Bass John Clifford

Shot in Hollis, New Hampshire

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