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More Great Reviews for "Falling In"

This week, we've seen more positive reviews for our new EP as Falling In continues to impress music critics.

The Ringmaster Review enthuses, "Falling In now threatens to take Best Not Broken before the gaze of their widest audience yet and with its invigorating quintet of stirring songs, it is hard to expect anything less than a new tide of fans embracing the band’s incendiary sound."

Meanwhile, Hot Indie News says that "Overall, Best Not Broken garners a solid A for their EP Falling In," and advises that for "fans of The Killers, Modern English, Angels and Airwaves, and strong pop music – this will be a great addition to your music library."

According to, "This band from New England, focuses on hooky, distortion tinged pop that’s memorable and easy to sing along with... The production is on point and uncluttered, bright and upbeat. Perfect for plotting a break up or wedding proposal."

And finally, JP's Music Blog raves that Best Not Broken "has turned into one of the best sounding, undiscovered pop/rock bands in the Northeast corner of the U.S."

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